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Indiba Deep Beauty Product Range

There are five products in the Indiba Deep Beauty Product Range, which vary in the level of power output and so the types of rejuvenating treatments they can offer. The products are called: Indiba Deep Beauty EDNA and EDNA Pro; Indiba Deep Beauty ER25, ER42 and Indiba

All five devices shown in the Indiba Deep Beauty Product Range below offer treatments using high frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue, the patented technology combines Capacitive and Resistive modes at a 448kHz frequency to create the “Proionic effect” inside the tissue. The ions that have vital functions in the metabolism of cells are mobilized and rebalanced. The thermal action increases capillary circulation and oxygenates the tissues, draining and eliminating impurities. The radio frequency skin tightening treatment also increases elasticity, reduces fibrosis and improves cell metabolism. Indiba Deep Beauty treatments can be found in over 30 clinics and salons in the United Kingdom, 10 of them in London.

Below is a table which shows the different treatments each device can be used for, the ER25 being the lowest powered machine, ideal for Facial and Hair Treatments whilst the EDNA Pro and ER45 are the most powerful machine and able to offer all treatments. Please call or email for a demonstration.

Device name: ER 25 ER 42 EDNA ER 45 EDNA Pro
Power Output: 25W 100W 100W 200W 200W
Different treatments:
Anti Ageing Y Y Y Y Y
Facial Wrinkles Y Y Y Y Y
Bags under Eyes and Puffiness Y Y Y Y Y
Basic Facials Y Y Y Y Y
All types of Facials Y Y Y Y
Neck Y Y Y Y Y
Décolletage Y Y Y Y Y
Hands Y Y Y Y Y
Feet Y Y Y Y Y
Hair Y Y Y Y Y
Breasts Y Y Y Y
Body Y Y Y Y
Body – Arms Y Y Y Y
Body – Abdomen Y Y Y Y
Body – Buttocks Y Y Y Y
Body Shaping Y Y Y Y
Cellulite Y Y Y Y
Pre Surgery Y Y Y Y
Post Facial Surgery Y Y Y Y
Post Breast Surgery Y Y Y Y
Post Liposuction Y Y Y Y
Abdominoplasty/Lipectomy Y Y Y Y
Scars Y Y Y Y
Thick tissues Y Y
Stubborn cases Y Y

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